What is CryoArks?


CryoArks was developed to address the need to provide a sustainable resource of samples for genetics and genomics research on animal species. Species and populations are disappearing from the wild and permitting issues are increasingly becoming a barrier for fundamental science and conservation management projects. Therefore, there is a clear and increasingly evident need to responsibly curate and make available samples that have been collected in the past is becoming more and more evident.

The aim of CryoArks is to ameliorate these problems by leveraging the vast range of samples that have been collected in the past, by sampling as many new species and populations from ex-situ collections over the coming years and bringing these collections together, both physically and informatically, to provide a resource that will be responsibly managed but with the rights and responsibilities of scientists in mind.

Our aim is to make a step-change in the curation and availability of DNA samples, tissue samples and cell lines from animal taxa and provide a forum for those requiring samples, wishing to deposit samples and seeking advice on sampling, permitting and storage. Ultimately we aim to produce a self-sustaining resource that allows important genetic and genomic work to continue in the UK and globally.

Mike Bruford

CryoArks Lead Investigator

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