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The CryoArks team is now able to respond to  requests to loan or donate sample material. Please contact us on for information on how to apply for samples, to discuss/arrange sample transfers, data management questions/requirements, or any other queries.


Animal biobanking for research and conservation

Why CryoArks?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you cannot access key samples for an animal genetics or genomics project? And would you know how to go about accessing such samples? Do you struggle to know how to best archive your samples? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, CryoArks is here to help!

The CryoArks biobank is an initiative that aims to bring together the diverse collections of animal frozen material found in museums, zoos, research institutes and universities across the UK to make them accessible to the UK’s research and conservation community.

A UK network of zoological biobanks that maintain frozen collections of animal genetic material to be used responsibly and sustainably in a wide range of applications that will further research knowledge and contribute to species conservation.


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Improved access to biological resources

Seeking samples for your project? Looking for advice and assistance to improve the standard of your frozen collections? Want to have your samples securely stored and curated? Join our community today!
Mafalda Costa

Biodiversity biobanks: an invaluable resource for the future

In her third blog post, Samantha talk us through how biodiversity biobanks are vital to help us face current and future global health and environmental challenges. She also highlights the urgent need to increase worldwide visibility of biodiversity biobanks and ensure their financial security.

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Mafalda Costa

Why does data management have a crucial role in a biodiversity collection?

In this blog post, Samantha, a second-year student of the MSc Biobanks & Complex Data Management of the Côte d’Azur University in France, currently working with a CryoArks collection at the Natural History Museum’s Molecular Collections Facility (MCF), highlights the importance and challenges of managing data associated with biodiversity collections to ensure these collections can be used in current and future research projects.

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Mafalda Costa

How to organise a collection of UK wildlife body parts

Find out how Samantha, a second-year student of the MSc Biobanks & Complex Data Management of the Côte d’Azur University in France, is helping the NHM Molecular Collections Facility and CryoArks organise an impressive and unique collection of UK wildlife to make it readily available for research and species conservation.

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