Educational material

This page contains activity sheets aimed at primary school children. The interactive activities introduce children to the themes of cryopreservation, DNA, biobanks, and their role in the conservation of endangered animals.

What is DNA?

Can you fill in the corresponding DNA sequence to create the double helix?

What is a Biobank?

What types of samples are stored in biobanks? Complete the word search to find out.

Why are biobanks important?

Can you take the sample to the biobank for it to be stored and made available to researchers?

Is there more than one type of biobank?

Can you help us organise our samples? They are labelled with letters and should be in alphabetical order in the box.

How can biobanks help endangered species?

Can you name these endangered species? And do you know which category they are on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species?