Sample Use Request Form


Thank you for your interest in using the CryoArks biological resources. CryoArks is a UK partnership of zoological biobanks that maintain frozen collections of animal genetic material to be used responsibly and sustainably in a wide range of applications that will further research knowledge and contribute to species conservation. Our core facilities are located in London at the Natural History Museum and in Edinburgh at the National Museums Scotland and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo (UK hub of the EAZA Biobank).

To enable us to consider your request for sample(s), we request you to complete the online application form. Please include as much detail as possible within the word limit.
You can also download a pdf version of this form, complete it and return it via email:

By filling in this form and providing your contact information, you acknowledge and accept that this information may be shared with relevant parties associated with this request (e.g. for evaluation purposes and processing of request if successful). You may also be contacted regarding requested sample(s) and their use thereof by the CryoArks team or sample owner institutions. For more details on how we use personal data please read our privacy policy:

If your request is approved by our Sample Acquisition and Loans Committee, we will initiate the procedures for the preparation and shipment of samples to you. We will endeavour to process your request efficiently and advise when your samples are ready for shipment. However, please note that due to the large number of applications we receive, your request may be held in a queue.