ZSL Talks: Biobanking for Conservation

On the 13th July, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) hosted a live online event on 'Biobanking for conservation: Why cryopreservation is essential for addressing our biodiversity crisis'. Invited speakers included Paul Pearce-Kelly (ZSL), Professor William Holt (University of Sheffield and Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC), Kirsty Lloyd (CryoArks, Natural History Museum), and Dr Mary Hagedorn (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology).

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Zoos biobanking for the future

There are hundreds of species represented in the Paignton Zoo collection and CryoArks research fellow, Gill Murray Dickson, chats to vet nurse Kelly Damon to find out more about how samples are routinely collected during post-mortem examination and why samples collected from zoo animals are so important for conservation research.

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Over 1,000 animal samples arrive at Edinburgh Zoo’s biobank hub

Samples from over 220 different animal species at Paignton Zoo are being stored by scientists at the wildlife conservation charity as part of a project to give researchers around the world access to biological samples from endangered species and other wildlife. Now, over 1,000 samples from this collection are stored at the RZSS Biobank, one of the CryoArks hubs in Scotland.

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